GetOverlappingActors won't return idle actors inside the collider


I’d like to track actors inside a sphere collider by using GetOverlappingActors.

Let’s say the sphere moves from point A to B. When it reaches B, it is activated, and will start tracking overlapping actors, doing something with them.

It is working as expected for moving actors. While the sphere is active at B, if an actor happen to move through it, the overlap happens and it is correctly detected.

Here’s the problem: If an actor stand idle at point B while the sphere is moving towards the point, when the sphere activates at B, it won’t return this actor. As soon as this same actor starts moving, it is returned by the GetOverlappingActors call.

Any thoughts?


How are you moving the sphere?
If you set the position by yourself, try to use the sweep parameter.

Thanks for the answer!

The movement is actually handled by a Projectile Movement Component.

That’s really strange.
You could try to enable the hit / overlapping events on both classes and add a debug message on the overlapping event of both actors and see if only one is fired.