GetLifetimeReplicaedProps broken in 4.8?

Firstly I have to preface this with the following: I seem to keep running into trouble with the UHT’s generated code, constantly. It seems like a majority of my issues (read: Frustration) are caused by UHT not “Seeing” my changes and thus failing to compile/link. A good percentage of my time is spent trying to coax the linker to cooperate after adding prerequisite header files, creating member functions to satisfy the linker (which at times can be very opaque), etc.

With that being said:

I’m getting the following error regarding GetLifetimeReplicatedProps:

“GetLifetimeReplicatedProps Error: Inherited member is not allowed” in my games Character file identical to this issue:

I did all of the aforementioned steps in an attempt to resolve this linker error which includes including “Net/UnrealNetwork.h” all over the place (the .CPP file, the .H file and even the project’s .H file) with no luck. I see GerLifetimeReplicatedProps is part of a lot of base classes including the base Character class. Sooo my question is: Wtf? I’ve ‘Cleaned’ and rebuilt the solution, “Refreshed Visual Studio Project” from the editor and still no luck. I should be clear: I just got it to work by declaring the member signature in my character’s header file. By “work” I mean I got it to compile and link. But now I have to ask “why?” Why does this work now and why didn’t it “see” the declaration in any of the other included header files?

To reproduce:

In a 4.8 First Person Shooter template, simply open the Character file and try to add the GetLifetimeReplicatedProps function; optionally including “Net/UnrealNetwork.h” in the games’ base .H file, the character .CPP file and even in the character’s .H file.

Baffled and slightly frustrated. Any input or explanation would be most appreciated.

Ah yes that’s ultimately what I did as well. It seems to me the UHT and Visual Studio can get “out of sync” rather easily depending on the order of things you add. I’ve noticed it usually involves something for replicated code.

I have experience this problem as well. I fixed it by just building the solution, and then restarting Visual studios. The error will be gone after restarting.