Getitng particles to the top middle of the screen.


As you guys are probably tired of hearing, I’m part of the new wave to Unreal 4 and am testing a project with 2 friends and I’m kind of stuck with this problem.

So the idea is, these coins break apart, and the segments spawn particles which shoot up to the point (using a point attraction for this) where a circle is joined (where the rune bar in the top left will be) to give the effect of them adding to it.


It’s all fine as the game starts, however, the character builds up speed and once he’s started picking up a bit of speed, obviously the particles no longer hit the same spot and slowly go further and further left till they’re off the screen entirely.


Now, the method I’m considering is to have the coin breaking particle release to very slowly rise up from the release point and as it comes off screen have another particle system in front of the camera that comes off screen and hits that point, so it will always do that regardless of speed, but it doesn’t contain the same fluidity the current method I am using does.

So, I’m kind of hoping someone knows an alternative strategy I could use since my knowledge of Unreal is pretty limited at the moment, any help or ideas would be appreciated!

Did you try for them to use local space?

For world space you could also try to give them initial horizontal velocity of what player pawn has.

Ahh thank you Nawrot, I’d already tried local space, but I hadn’t looked in to using a particle parameter driven by a blueprint variable.

I used the player speed to drive both the horizontal and vertical velocity in different strengths, and whilst it doesn’t work perfectly, it certainly works a lot better than my previous method so thank you!