Geting vertex colors into a texture, in engine.

Get ready to rack your brains:
I want to create a mask via vertex colors.
The problem is, I need to access this mask from a different material, this “different material” will be applied to a similar object with the same uv’s.
ANY ideas on how i could do this?

the mesh paint tool does have a texture paint option. You just have to specify the texture and use the texture in your materials. Then you should be able to paint one texture and just reuse it everywhere.

great! THANKS.
Also, is there a way to paint perpixel in ue4?

EDIT: My mistake: it IS painting perpixel, sorry just had a low res texture and assumed it wasnt.

can I make the texture update in realtime? My edits are only applied to the texture file, when i click off the mesh paint tool.