Geting an ID of an actor on top of another actor

what I’m trying to do is I have a drill machine. The drill machine sits on top of a Resource Node. The drill machine needs to know what resource it’s sitting on so that the drill machine can output the right ore. Each Resource has 2 tags. 1 is called Resource and the 2nd tag is called of the name of the resource. Iron, Copper, Limestone, and so on. Does anyone know how to set up a Blue Print to do this.

Use Get Tags on any actor to see its tags then do array contains to see if it has a specific tag in that array. Is that what you’re asking?

No. Sorry. I don’t know how to explain it any better than above. I’m talking about 2 actors, 1 on the ground and 1 machine. The machine sits on top of that 1st actor and the 2nd 1 is a machine that needs to ID the 1st actor that’s on the ground. I need to know what the 1st machine is sitting on so the drill machine or miner can dig that ore.