GetAllActorsOfClass doesnt work with Streaming Levels

When i use GetAllActorsOfClass to get my FSPlayer pawn after all Streaming levels have been loaded and shown, inside of my Gamemode blueprint. It returns a FSPlayer but that FSPlayer isnt the one that is in the scene, cause if i print its position and health, its completely different then what is actually the position and health of the FSPlayer in the scene.

Im able to use GetAllActorsOfClass and get a reference to anything that is in the persistent level, but when i try and get an reference from a Loaded Streaming Level, it returns a reference but that reference doesnt point to what it should.

Is this a know issue? and if so, is their any news on when it will be fixed?

Hi Diddykonga,

I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior in 4.8.3. Does this only happen in your project, or can you see this occur in a new project as well? Can you set up a small test project that showcases this issue and upload it someplace like Dropbox or Google Drive for me? Thanks!

Well while i was making a test case, i realized, i was setting the original level from Get Streaming Level’s Should Be Loaded to true, waiting for it to load, then Creating Instance of it, and setting that Instance’s Should Be Loaded to true, which i now realize i only have to create the instance and load that and not load the original level file. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Maybe just as a helpful tip, would it be possible to add a hint to the “Create Instance” Node’s tooltip that says it doesnt require the passed in Streaming Level to be loaded first :slight_smile: