GetActorLocation with VR Pawn?

I have a VRPawn with locomotion and world interaction working as I want it.

However, when using a VRPawn, the location of the player is determined by the Camera position, because this is driven by the HMD, which is often in a much different location than the root node of the VRPawn (actually, the best guess location of the player would be given by taking in HMD position, controller position, floor height, etc, and trying to solve the IK problem to determine body center of mass…but let’s ignore that for now).

Unfortunately, Unreal engine considers the actor location to be set by the root node – which means that all the built in functionality of the engine such as functions like “SphereOverlapActors” or “AI MoveToActor” or “AIPerception” components are not going to work properly for interacting with VR Pawns.

Is there any way to tell UE to treat the location of my actor using a custom function, other than the root node, or do I just have to forget about using any built in logic for AI, and resort to severe blueprint kung fu to do everything?