Get world location node missing??? Unreal engine 4.5.1

Hi I’m trying to make destructible blocks, i got the blocks working but when the projectile hits the blocks it makes an explosion sound which i set it to and it suppose to spawn the explosion particles upon contact. Everything works besides that part because i was following along with a tutorial and the only thing i couldn’t find was the get world location to branch off of the radial force node, so it knows where to spawn the explosion. Is there something else to substitute this?? I’ve tried get relative location but it doesn’t do anything.

Whats suppose to happen is when i fire the projectile and it hits the blocks it makes an explosion sound and you see the explosion visual up the projectile contacting the block. Everything works good besides the get world location so it doesn’t know where to spawn the explosion on contact. Spawn explosion at location of which the projectile is at when it makes contact with the block. Everything works just no explosion, sound but no explosion. Please help

Try turning off “Context Sensitive” and then start typing get world location, t seems to have been moved in the latest version of the engine. :slight_smile:

Hey DotCam thanks alot turning off context sensitive worked. Thanks a ton