Get World error (line Tracing)

Hi , why am i getting an error in GetWorld()->LineTraceSingleetc… more specificly in the → symbol

“Insufficient data for a meaninful answer.” (See Issac Asimove’s The Last Question)

In my code in a Character sub-class I have…

	FHitResult HitResult;
    const bool bHit = GetWorld()->LineTraceSingle(HitResult, GetActorLocation(), targetPlayer->GetActorLocation()
		, FCollisionQueryParams(FName("TDL Zed LOS Trace"), true, this)
		, FCollisionObjectQueryParams(ECC_WorldStatic));

And it works fine.

Forgot to mension that the actual error is " no instance of overloaded function…"

And thanx for the quick reply

and also i got this

FCollisionQueryParams TraceParams(FName(TEXT("Olá")), true, this);
	TraceParams.bTraceAsyncScene = true;
	TraceParams.bReturnPhysicalMaterial = false;
	TraceParams.bTraceComplex = true;

	FHitResult Hit(ForceInit);
	GetWorld()->LineTraceSingle(Hit, start_trace, end_trace, FColor(255, 255, 255), false, 1);

Wich has no error , only on that litle →