Get World Composition Level Position

Here is the big picture of my project: Using World Composition I have a large number of tiled levels. Each level will be a “territory” for a player, so only one player can own a given level tile in world composition. When a player logs in for the very first time they are assigned an level not already owned and spawned their to begin their game. Existing players login and spawn at their owned level.

My challenge is setting up the initial spawn. My idea on how this should work is upon creating a new player, a random non-owned level is selected, the world position of the selected level are retrieved, and the player is spawned at a location relative to the level position. i.e. if a level at position 1000, 1000, 0 is selected adding *n *to the x and y vector components to spawn the character at 1000 + *n, *1000 + n, 0.

This makes sense to me logically, but I can’t retrieve the world position of the level. I’ve tried numerous approaches and any transform I retrieve is 0, 0, 0. Also, for troubleshooting I’ve displayed the object name of the level I’m retrieving, and it comes up correctly while the transform does not. For example, if I use a “Get Stream Level” node and display the name of the return it is correct, but when I try to get the transform it is always 0, 0, 0.

I’ve messed with every node I can find that seems like it might work, but no luck. I’m running it in standalone mode to avoid the spawn issue with PIE.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated!