Get Velocity Bug?

So I am not sure if its a bug or not, but I have some weird problems with get velocity. I have a spawned AI actor with a pawn movement component that is doing mostly what I want it to do. Now I want to use prediction targeting to shoot it, so I want to get its velocity in a Turrent BP I made. For some reason the values are insanely large and completely off if I just use “get velocity” with the appropriate actor reference. Now here is where it gets wonky. When I use the get velocity function inside the AI actor event graph and print with every tick it gives me reasonable values. But If I use the same get velocity call inside an interface function I have implemented in the AI actor it gives me crazy values again. Does anybody know what the reason is behind this? If you want I can add some pictures. I do have a work around which would be updating a variable every tick and just passing that for every interface function call, but doing unnecessary tick actions can lead to a performance issue in the future I think.


Would have to see how the velocity is called the whole routine.