Get variables across blueprints

So as we all know casting is great. However I dont feel I can get all the variables I want across all sorts of blue prints. Is it possible to share variable s without using casting . Like say I wanted a variable from the level blueprint t to be in a player blueprint? I dont know how I would share these variables across. Plz help!

You’re asking for global variables I take it. In general, globals aren’t a great idea because someone should likely take responsibility of that variable. You can see here - How create global variable? - UE4 AnswerHub - that there are no global variables for blueprints.

If, however, you’re variables aren’t showing up on the objects you’re casting, then that may be an issue with UE 4.5, and you’d need to uncheck the context option when adding a new node in order to see those variables.

In case of you need general communication ways, check the blueprint_communication map from content examples. You’ll have examples of the 3 main systems used : “cast to”, event dispatchers and Interface blueprints.