Get the vertex position in deformed Skeletal Mesh

Hello. Through the my google searching shortly, I knew about the genetic method for access the specific vertex position from Skeletal Mesh like above.

const FStaticLODModel& LODModel = SkelRes->LODModels 0 ];
const FRawStaticIndexBuffer16or32Interface* modelIndexBuffer = LODModel.MultiSizeIndexContainer.GetIndexBuffer();

Codes are working well. However my circumstances are more complex cause of my characters were deformed.
I need to get vertex position from a deformed after character.
That snippet codes are only to the access initializing time vertex positions.
Any suggestions thanks.

I solved this issue to use iteration Mesh->GetBone. Deformed each spot positions seems to calculate final shadering each frame time.

I would advise to check how this working in Rama’s great plugin. In snapping to vertex method.