get/set player momentum and get/set player camera view angle

Hello everybody!


Im pretty new to unreal, hope you can help me out here.

In Short: I need to get & set the momentum of the player and get & set the camera view angle of the player outside of the player blueprint (i guess both are vectors).
In Long: I want to teleport the player from one Plane to another Plane. What I’ve got so far is to teleport the player from Plane A to Plane B AND setting it to the corresponding side (right side of plane A = right side of plane B). For a better understanding, i made this little sketch: Imgur: The magic of the Internet
I’ve also got to turn my player in 90 degrees, since its not parallel.

Now i’ve got two problems: The first problem is when im walking into plane A. The player will come out of the plane B WITH the momentum it had, so in my picture with a left momentum. I need a way to fix this either by rotation the momentum (best solution) or remove/add movementspeed from the player. This needs to be outside the BP_FirstPersonCharacter.

Second problem: I got to turn around the player by 90 Degrees, but the camera angle is not correct. If the player looks down while walking into plane A, he will look straight forward after teleporting to plane B.

Can anybody help me on those two questions? Thanks.

EDIT: I fixed the first problem by adding a negative Impulse to the Character. The second problem could be solved by adding Pitch and Yaw to the Player Controller.

But now i’ve got the problem that the screen is flickering after the teleport.
Blueprint Order: SetLocation->SetPitchAndYaw->AddNegativeImpulse…anyone there an idea? I’ve tried to change the tickrate in the blueprint, but it didn’t work