Get remaining animation time / Time-Remaining (ratio)

Hi, just a quick question… Is there a way to use the Time-Remaining (ratio) [Animation] outside of state-machines in the anim graph? Is there any animation-class i could cast to, and get this or similar values?

I have an animated character, with an anim-bp, and i wan’t to get the remaining animation time of the current animation. So Time-Remaining (ratio) [Animation], like in a state machine would be the exact solution.

The Idea is using the ratio as a parameter for a progress bar with different animations resulting in different animation lenghts.
I’m pretty new to Unreal, so maybe there is a very simple way of doing it.

Thanks for help! :slight_smile:

You can do GetPosition on mesh and find length of playing anim (by AnimSequenceBase context) and with this values calculate remaining time.