Get Overlapping Actors damages even when nothings overlapping

Hi guys.

I’m basically trying to get an ai to receive damage when they are overlapping a capsule on my character bp. But for some reason even when the ai isn’t overlapping the capsule they still receive damage.
Heres a video:

What could be the cause of this?


Iv’e figured out that its the collision components inside my ai bp:

When one of the ai collision components overlap the component in the characterbp the ai receives damage.
so I need to find away of getting the collision component in the characterbp to ignore the collision components in the ai bp.

I’m going to have a fiddle around but if anyone has any ideas please do let me know.


Can’t you get the overlapping actors of the smaller collision shape? It shouldn’t be a problem.

Hi thanks for the response! How would I go about doing that?
What I think I need to do somehow is have the Get Overlapping Actors node to ignore all of the collision components except for the CapsuleComponent in the AI BP.


Ahh I’ve figured it. I set the capsule in the characterBP to this: