Get Oculus Identity doesn't work (Blueprint)

In 4.19 “get oculus identity” doesn’t return anything on success or on failure - it seems as if there is no code inside this function to run. Not even print string if putted there.
There only thing that returns something is the first white pin which is meant for just “execute further”.

The first node “verify entitlement” works fine, I have DefaultPlatformService=Oculus. bEnabled=true and OculusAppId in the .ini-file. Oculus Subsystem plugin is turned on.

In 4.17 “get oculus identity” worked fine and returned on success anything what I put there. For me it is Oculus name which I get in the built project.

Is it a bug or am I missing something? Does anyone have the same problem?

I found the solution.
I just change the location of everything refering to Oculus in the DefaultEngine.ini - put in the very bottom of the file and everyhting works now.