get mouse X value does not work

Hello everyone, I’m new at the community and I have an issue with the Making Game Ready AI Tutorial.

In the first part of the tutorial they set up the input for this project and they use the X Value from the mouse to control the camera rotation. I did exactly as they show it in the video, but I’m getting these results:

-First of all, while playing in a new Window, it does not work at all, I get 0.0 from the Get Mouse X Node all the time
-While playing in the Viewport, it works the first time (I Right click and move around the mouse and the camera rotates) but as soon as I release the right click button, it stops working and the Get Mouse X Node returns zero again.

What would you think I’m doing wrong?

I’ll leave the screenshots of my blueprint that controls these settings. By the way, this is a Third Person Template Project

Thanks for reading!

Current engine bug still in 4.11.2. Mouse X/Y values are 0 while no mouse button is down.

Well, that explains a lot

Thank you very much!

You can bypass the current issue by calling SetInputModeGameOnly or SetInputModeGameAndUI after every mouse up event, but GameAndUI mode was giving me inconsistent results with mouse window capture.