Get meshes from webservice

Hi there,

I have been developing some archviz by using ue4 for three months (I’m newbie) but to implement the project in the enterprise I work, I need to make a catalog with more than 10,000 objects (forniture, clothes, technology, etc). If I try to build all that products I just can’t do it because I get an overflow error (I’m working with a powerfull workstation).

So what I’m thinking: Is there a way to extract the meshes (objects) I need in real time but from a webservice, ftp connection or something like that instead of having all 10,000 objects pre-build?

Please any help I will be very gratefull!!

Yes, for static meshes, you can use the UProceduralMesh class.
You would have to come up with a file format and the code to download it from the web yourself, although something simple like OBJ would probably be sufficient.
The main question is that of texturing – downloading materials at runtime doesn’t have as good support (because of shader compilation and texture compression.)
Thus, if you can have “standard” materials and then provide parameters like “tint” for them, that will likely work better.

Thank’s Jwatte, I did not know about UProceduralMesh Class… I hope this work on blueprints. I’m goint to do some research about it.

Oh bad luck, this will not work because we don’t know C++, we are already making projects with BP… Do you know some plug in that download a FBX file and perform it at run-time??