Get light near the player and apply to HUD material

Hi, i got a material in the player HUD but i like apply the light from the world to the material of the HUD.
Ideas or tutorial or something about how make this ?

*Need to apply the color + intensity if the lights.

You cannot do it with UMG materials, they do not get world light.

You can fake it in materials. Get distance to some point, fake gradient, add to emmisive of material. But then its one point light. And you need to convert world location to viewport location, supply that value to every material in umg.

Or you create your hud in 3d space, attach it all to camera. There is that experimental widget you can create in world space, add it as component in pawn blueprint.
But I do not know if it can get world lights or uses only emmisive, never checked that.

Don’t is UMG is a HUD from HUD class and a normal material using unlit what i got now.
Someone tell me there is a func in the engine to get light at x point but i no idea about where or how is that.

I the material i got a the material * color vector param * intensity scalar as fix for now.
But get the point lights near don’t is a good idea because when i go to room without lights and without light, the texture have normal light and don’t are dark like the room for example.

I need other method to get the light or colors at x point in the world to apply to the material.