Get FoliageType

Hello everyone,

I run into an issue that I can not solve. I paint some trees with the paint tool and now I want to add a particle to every of this painted trees.
My first suggestion is to cast to foliage type then get the name and location. Unfortunately I have no object reference for cast.
My second suggestion was to make an actor blueprint with a tree and a particle but I can not add BP Actors to foliage tool.

Maybe someone can help me?

Ok I found a solution. For all the others that someday will be in search for this.

  1. Create a Blueprint actor from the class Foliage Instance Static Mesh Component.
  2. Now write something in it ---- in my example falling leaves for every tree. (see photo)
  3. Now go to the Foliage Tool and change the component class of your specific Foliage type (see photo)