Get cursor to display from start

Hi, I’m trying to replicate something like the example Puzzle Block template to get my head round how the basics of a game hangs together.

The Puzzle Game template (with the 9 blue blocks) has an active cursor from the start, and the viewpoint stays fixed.

In my own version when I hit play, the cursor moves the viewpoint, but I don’t seem to be able to get the cursor to show, yet all basic code seems to be essentially the same. Where might I be going wrong? The template tutorial talks about a couple of things in the Level Blueprint which I can’t seem to find - I wonder if the answer is in there somehow?

on event begin play get player controller, from player controller -> Set Show Mouse Cursor - Tick True

Thanks, but that doesn’t seem to have done it. And the Puzzle Block template doesn’t seem to use that either? It does, however, have ‘Show Mouse Cursor’ ticked in the Details palette of the Player Controller BP, which I’ve replicated.