Get current impact point?

Hi there,

I’m currently working on a 3D Sidescroller; I have a character shooting a laser rifle, pulsing out a continuous beam when fired.
I also have an invisible mesh shooting in parallel to the laser beam, which I use to detect collision with different objects.
For that, I use the events OnComponentBeginOverlap & OnComponentEndOverlap; I use the first to spawn a continuation to the laser rifle’s beam if the hit object fits a certain type.
From the Sweep Results pin, I broke the hit result to get the actual Impact Point, which I then used in a custom event to spawn the ‘bouncing’ beam.
So far so good.

My question is, how can I continuously follow the impact point of the mesh I use to detect overlaps, with the overlapped object?
I mean, my character continues to move and move its aiming point after the first overlap and before the endOverlap event, so how can I track that in real time?
I want to move the bouncing beam around in accordance with the initial beam’s current impact point…

Couldn’t find a way to get the hit results of my tracking mesh anywhere outside the beginOverlap event.
What am I missing?

Thanks in advance!