Get Components by Class - Irrelevant Return Value


In the construction script of my Character.h I setup the MIDs. I also need to do this for any static mesh components attached to the actor so I use ‘Get Components by Class’. Target is ‘self’ and Component Class is ‘Static Mesh Component’ and it gives me everything I need.

But then it also gives me “MatineeCam_SM”. I’m sure it’s a hidden component or whatever but I don’t understand why it’s being returned in the array since it’s irrelevant. If this is intentional, then what is the proper way to get the relevant static mesh components on my character?

I ran into this tonight. Frustrating that my actor only has one UStaticMeshComponent but at runtime I actually have two! Specifically it seems that the Camera component adds the “MatineeCam_SM” mesh to the actor. Wish there was an easy way to turn this off. For now I am going to check the GetFName() of the component to see if it matches what I’m expecting. Not sure how to do it in Blueprint.

Could you add a Child component to get the data required?