Get Call Stack from ReceiveDeactivationAI


Is there any way to get a Blueprint stack from ReceiveDeactivationAI in a behavior tree service? I’ve exhausted any ideas I can think of, including adding additional logging to the AIModule already, dumping the debug stack to the log, and a whole bunch of other logging/debugging attempts including the visual logger, etc.

I have a behavior tree that is terminating before it even begins in some cases, but I can’t find where it’s being terminated from. It’s almost as if it is being found as some kind of garbage and just being stopped and deleted.

I have several places where I am calling to StopLogic and RunBT, but none of these locations appears to be where the actual call is coming from. The visual logger shows that the BT in question is starting up, but then… nothing, no further log entries, breakpoints in the BT don’t do anything. It’s just disappearing down some hole. Additionally, it is being deactivated twice, but has only been activated once. It’s very strange.

If I can find where the call is coming from, I can solve this issue, but standard call stack logging is turning up nothing in code or in blueprints. I’m sure I have some wacky thing happening in my code, but I would at least expect there to be some indication in the visual logger as to what is triggering the deactivation, but it’s completely devoid of any entry about it.

Thanks for any ideas on what I could try to get past this.

OK, problem solved using the (old skool) Bugs Bunny method: if you can’t beats 'em, joins 'em.