Get Bone Transform

I have been trying to create Getup functionality for my Ragdoll Characters and there is a need of getting the Transform of the Pelvis or Spine bones So I can Capsule Cast to move my actual Character Controller Capsule There, For this I would need to Get the Location of the Pelvis Bone There isn’t a Get Bone Transform function in the Skeletal Mesh Component.

However upon searching the docs I found about Poseable Mesh and it has those functions that I need So, far I have not found anything useful.
Another Idea is to add a Socket To Pelvis and get the Transform from there but again I am not so Sure if there is a Limit On Sockets that you can add, because I already need Sockets for Weapon Attachments.

This is more of a Discussion Topic but Since I am doing it in Cpp, I saw fit to post it here.
Thank you.