Get base rotation and position Gone in 4.8 Preview2

I posted this in Blueprints, But it is probably better asked here as it is VR related.

I am using the VR spaceshooter template. It has been fine after updating to work with newer builds and it was fine in Preview 1 of 4.8

But in Preview 2, this node is not working - Not compiled in oculus library? I have tried to use some other nodes in the current library, but nothing seems to work.


Is anyone else having a problem with this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Was that node added in an older version of the engine? What happens if you try to add it again directly in 4.8

I started on the template in 4.4 - I have made changes to keep it working with each new version. With 1st preview, It was fine. When it updated to preview 2, i get this error. As far as i know this node has always been there. The node is no longer available in the 4.8 preview 2. In the oculus library there are a few similar ones, but they dont work. I am not sure if it was something specific to the spaceshooter template I used originally, or something to do with some more changes in preview 2.

Its basically meant to set the base rotation and position of the HMD. If i delete it, My camera does not stay with the ship - the ship doesnt move, just the players view.

Guess this is just a bug - did you post it to answerhub yet?