Get assets by path via Blueprint

So I want to make Blueprint " constructor " which can get assets ( not one but all of one type in some folder ) by path, generate some array and do some actions with them.

Actually I want to make automated material prewiews conctructor which will spawn preview meshes with asigned materials throught Construction Script. I need it for assets library scene. When materials count go far after 100 and continue to grow up - handle preview meshes manually become problematic.
All I found is two possible(?) nodes

  • Load Object from Asset Path which do kind of what I need but it want to know exect path for one content object.
  • Get Assets By Path in two variations " Message " and " Interface Call " - I can’t understand how to deal with this thing even if they can do what I need :frowning: in my hands it just do nothing.

Any help? Do I missed something? Any advice? Any possibility to do it through Blueprint or " coded only " solutions ( I’m absolute " 0 " in coding) ?