Get all Audio Components of a Level per Blueprint

Hello Guys,

I have a problem, I want to adjust the volume of all sounds in my level with a foreach loop, because i don’t want to reference each single one per hand to my blueprint but can’t find the solution to get all audio components of my level :frowning:

I tried with GetAllActorsOfClass, but there I can’t find a Audio Component entry :frowning:

So how can i get all audio components as a array for a foreach loop?


An AudioComponent isn’t an actor, so you can’t just look for all of those in a level.

My recommendation would be, have a blueprint class just of actors that have an AudioComponent, use those in your level, and you can use the GetAllActorsOfClass node, with that new class, access each object’s AudioComponent and manipulate it to your will :wink:

Clever Idea, thank you very much :smiley:

No problem :wink: if it works, make sure to mark the answer as correct, otherwise, let me know what’s missing.

Yeah it works perfect, thank you very much again :smiley: