Get Actor of Class Causes Failure in BP at Project Load

I am trying to work inside on Blueprint to trigger an event to occur in a different blueprint. Specifically, I have a BP that parses input text and may call on a mesh loading BP I created if the input is “load file” for example. To achieve this, I am using the following system:

Which triggers when the input is fully entered. I need to get the reference of my Mesh Loader in the scene, and if I later connect the event trigger and pass the result of Get Actor of Class, everything works perfectly.

Unfortunately, if I close and reload UE4 to launch again, I get the following when the project opens:

This contains references to nodes used inside of Mesh Loader, which now will not compile and has around 100 failures.

Why is this happening? What can I do to obtain a reference to my object without crashing at launch?

Not sure if its an issue on my pc but I can’t load the supplied images

@lootheo7 do they load now?