Get Actor Location World Origin Shift Error

Wrong actor location at get the transform and the player is far away, only happen with far away points.

At get the location from Actor → Gamemode give a different result if I get the location directly from Actor → Controller

How someone expect this to work for any game ?

Setup: Make a world with the World Origin Shift and World Composition.

Create a secondary world into this.

Place cameras in this one over the world, for example place 6 cameras, one in middle more or less other at 10km from origin in S other in W and E etcand at 5km at different distances.

Get all cameras at play with Gamemode, print the locations.

Now spawn the player in the location of some camera, the location in some cameras are not the correct ones, you can do a print.

Example project: Dropbox - TestProject.7z - Simplify your life

Take me 2hours ripoff my own game to upload this project I just expect someone check this.

In sample project, press play and then g to spawn check the print number in top.
All the logics are betwen the gamemode and player controller.
One of the 2 spawn points give the error, you will see soon you don’t spawn where is located and the print aswell give different result.