Get a smooth head rotation reset/ a working third person character and camera orientation based head

Hi there.

I’m having the following two issues.

First one:

My head orientation doesn’t match the character orientation as soon as I change the initial state.

Second One:

I want to create a smooth trasition back to the original neck rotation as soon as the camera surpasses a 90 degree and -90 degree threshold around the character. I want basically that the head reorients itself as soon as we’re seeing the character from upfront.
I put in a branch and a timeline. And it seems to recognize the task but the interpolation doesnt execute properly since the system is simultaniously thinking that we are rotating the head by 90 degrees.

For some stupid reason I can’t upload pictures. Here’s a link to some pictures of my blueprint.

so far I fixed the first issue.

But I still hassle with the second one. How do I tell unreal that the camera is facing the character up front and the character has to rotate his head back to the initial position.