Get a list of assets at runtime

I have a bunch of different blueprint pawns that a player can choose to use at the start of the game. The pawns can change depending on the game mode the player selects. I want to show a list of the available pawns the player can choose from. In order to do that I want to be able to read the blueprints from a folder and display their names to the player so they can choose one (Ideally with the UMG List view component).

How do I read assets in a folder and generate a list with their names or references to the actual blueprints at runtime?

I did see rama’s solution about adding static paths into a file but I want to be able to create or remove blueprints quickly for testing so my ideal solution is that I just add blueprints to a folder and the game just reads and loads the correct folder at runtime


That helpful?

Alot! i’ll give this a shot