Georeferencing laser scan

Hi Will this software allow georeferencing of laser scan from e57 file format. Reason for asking is I can use free version of software that comes with (Stonex) scanner but need to buy if georeferencing done. I would rather keep all calcs within one package. Thankyou


Hi Noel,

In the in-program help, it says it’s possible to import unregistered laserscans and let RC do the work. However, I’ve read here somewhere that it is supposedly not as accurate as an external registration since RC treats scans as a set of 6 raster images.

Hi Götz,

Thanks for the reply. It seems hard to find a single program that will process both UAV and Laser scans with the same accuracy as you would get doing it in separate programs.


Hi Noel,

by UAV you mean images?

Yes, afaik RC is the only one that can do it at all. You probably need to try it and see for yourself if the accuracy is sufficient for your needs. After all, my info is only hear-say…  :wink: