Geometry Creation Lacking

*** I can only hope someone on the Epic team stops here to see my suggestion, which is to provide a feature reminiscent of the 2d Shape editor from the 2k4 engine into Unreal Engine 4 as an option for people to use their strengths and the power of that tool that they honed in the older engines so they can put that to use in their games or mods.

My suggestion comes after thoroughly practicing the way geometry is created and adjusted within UE4. There is undeniably far more power with the 2d Shape editor. If you're well practiced enough with it, the only limit to your imagination exists at the point where it becomes unnecessary to bring it to a higher detail. Anything you can imagine can be created using a method that requires minimal effort in comparison to any other geometry creation tool that I'm aware of in existence. When complex brushes and complex static meshes team together, the bar has been risen.

I realize that the industry took a turn a long time ago. There was a beautiful time when level designers relied much more on the unique shapes they could combine together in interesting ways in order to bring the form language together for a map and stylize it. It took a turn into mostly 45 degree angles and boxes dressed in fancy models. But before it had transformed into that approach, there was a lot of creativity and character that's since been sacrificed.

I know there are a lot of people like me that miss the tricks and finesse you could achieve with the tool, and as I see it, it can only benefit the things that get pumped out by the community. I can't imagine it would be too difficult or time consuming to import the UT2004 2dShape Editor into Unreal Engine 4.***

— I figure I might as well attach a poll. Please don’t vote on it if you’ve not explored both things in question here.

>.< Character limits on the poll questions… (The question is)*Would the UT2004 2d Shape Editor assist you to create environments better, with more ease and/or… quicker?