generic rpg stat system with blueprints

hey all, I am a programmer and have developed a couple of stat / attribute systems for rpg games. 'But I cant get my head around it using blueprints. it just all seems a lot of repetetive work. is there a way to define lets say an object and create instances of it, exposing those variable, letting them do their own methods in their own update methods ?

_I would love to see a working example as well. is there an rpg system in blueprints for free ?

Hi Zickig!

I think you need Structures to create a lot of variables linked to your characters. I imagine you have Force, Intelligence, Attack, Health…etc. ? You can store them in a structure, and each character can have its own link to the structure… But, others explain better than me :
How do Blueprint Structures actually work? - Unreal Engine Forums

Good luck in your game creation!

It depends on what kind of complexity you want.
But since you want them to do their own methods, you can have an UObject class ‘Stat’, which implements all the logic a stat should have.

Not sure if there are free RPG systems for UE4 - but some stuff from the market place is really affordable.

There’s probably dozens of several approaches for that - structures, classes, arrays, copy and paste variables - depends a bit on how you wanna implement it, your style, experience and what you plan to do. But yeah terrible work, even when you’re experienced. At least for very complex RPGs. Let’s not even get me started with how annoying it is to replicate these in multiplayer and save them to a savegame, load them and so on. I guess that’s why these RPG kits sell pretty well on the marketplace.