Generating a point cloud with a cellphone

I’m new to UE and I’m planning to do some stuff to get used to it. I have something in mind to create an augmented reality application but to do that I need to generate a point cloud. Is that even possible with UE and a cellphone? And by possible I mean not to wait one hour in order to get the point cloud, I don’t need a very deep point cloud, in fact with just the walls around me it would be more that enough?
Any idea whether or not this is possible or do you have any suggestion about it?


Any idea? Is this even possible?

You need the right sensors and camera on the mobile device to do this properly. eg a device that supports Project Tango.

it is still early days for this stuff and I’m not sure how much support UE4 has for it. Personally I would recommend choosing something different to help you get used to UE4, you will be in at the very deep, bleeding edge end with this stuff and may be setting yourself up for failure.

I am no expert in this area so I could be wrong, hopefully someone will jump in and say if this is the case.