Generate Unique UVs Freezes

When i generate a Unique UVs there a problem with 2 of theis seem to freeze at 90% when genarating the light map and then the Udk seems to not respond. All this modles come from blender, all the faces pointing the direction they have to and all have a smart unrap.

What is the poly count of the meshes? How many meshes crashed? I have only ever had this happen with very high poly meshes.

Only 2 meshes.

The mesh is made up of rectangular planes to make bridges and walk ways, with posts at its ends and rops along the side and between the planks. The first one is around 4840 faces - 9354 tris, the second one rounds 6313 faces - 12180 tris. Other models have not caused this type of problem and one of those round 4744 faces - 9214 tris.

If there is no easy rought to it then ill do the easy option to just divide the mesh in half and place it meticulusly in the udk or find a way to reduce thought 2 models poly a tad bit without it being known a lot.

There is like I dunno 100 something. It’s just these 2 . We have looked it over no ngons or anything odd. Thinking we might just manually create the light map channel manually but still want to know why it’s occurring and it’s fast to make them in ue4.