General Understanding Question about OnlineSubsystem Beacon Classes

In OnlineSubsytemUtils, AOnlineBeacon and other Beacon classes exists, but the documentation isn’t very clear about their use. AOnlineBeacon’s description is:

Can someone explain when it would be useful to use a beacon class, or what classifies “outside normal gameplay traffic”?

I guess a late answer is better than no answer.

From my understanding, you would use these classes to establish a connection between different instances of the engine, so they can communicate with each other without officially connecting through normal Unreal networking. So this is mainly useful for party or lobby systems, like the lobby of the OnlineFramework plugin or the party in the OnlineSubsystemUtils.

I can’t however tell you how the lobby and party beacon’s should be used. That’s what I am trying to find out and that’s how I stumbled upon this old post.