General Start?

Hi guys,

i have an idea of an multiplayer game and want to start with UE. Step by step learning by doing :slight_smile:
I´m a real newbie in UE so please forgive me if i´m asking stupid questions but i´m wondering where to start at.
I´ve done already some tutorials to implement some items or funktions to the charakter. It was fun so i decidet to do more in the direction of my own project.
Now i wanted to start my project but i´m struggeling a bit.

Because i want to create a MP game i need the Server/Client funktion. But i´m not sure how to setup the parts.

My Hardware:

  • I´ve got a server maschine running MS Server 2012R2 with enough power for hosting any games
  • I´ve got a PC on which i want to work on

My questions about the hardware parts are:

  • Is there a way to host the project on the server machine without working on it?
  • How do i set up a server which is hosting my new project? Is there an actual HowTo? (I found some but i´m not sure if they explain my situation well)
  • Is it possible to connect to the server and work on a different PC “uploading/debugging” the files while the projekt data is stored on the server? (Like working on the management console in SQL)

My question about the creation are:

  • What to start with? The world, the charakter or maybe something else i haven´t thought about?

I´m very thankfull for any advice and help.