General Questions regarding Blueprints

Hi guys,
i’m new to Unreal 4 and Game Development in general but not to programming (20years experience in pascal,basic,java,c++ etc.)
Now i’m trying to create a Flying 2d SideScroller in Unreal 4.10 via Blueprint and run into some problems.

Maybe someone can gimme a hint over the following topics?

  1. If i fire a shot (Paper2D.PaperSpriteActor) from my Plane (Paper2D.PaperCharacter) onto my Target (Paper2D.PaperSpriteActor) my collision (Block all) won’t trigger. Nether the less, as soon as my Plane (OnComponentHit Capsule) hits the Target, the collision(OnComponentHit Sprite) triggers.
    What i’m doing wrong here?

  2. Since i can’t figure out how to fix 1, i build my own simple collisiontrigger in my shot via LineTraceByChannel/BreakHitResult, which works fine.But how do i call my function “Destroy”(Public) inside my target?

  3. My Plane should fly inside bounderies.I’ve already set LevelBounds but can’t find any properties to check if i reached them.
    Or do i have to use the Camera? Can someone gimme a hint?

Thanks in advance!

Both the bullet and target must have collision active and their collision channels must be setup to interact with eachother.
If you are using OnCollision events, also both target and bullet must have ‘Generate Collision Events’ enabled to make the event be fired correctly.

as far as i’m aware they are both on the same collision setup but i can’t find ‘Generate Collision Events’

here are some screenshots of my blueprints :

It’s the “Hit Events” thing…
If that is ok the events should fire just fine.

But, “WorldStatic” means physics body won’t move/update. Try different presets, the dynamic ones, or custom collision settings.

Were you ever able to get this working? I seem to be running into the same problem…