General questions about Unreal Engine :)

Hello, I would like to clarify my doubts about this engine. After got documented about UE4 in general, I’ve still something to ask. Here I’ve written down the pros of UE4:

  • Blender support (for people who haven’t money)
  • Windows and Linux support
  • Possibility for indies to develop console games
  • UE4 supporters and developers talk directly with us :3
  • The best community I’ve seen.
  • Blueprints prototyping.

Here are my doubts:
-In the EULA of UE4 I’ve read about the 5% tax:
…European friends, we’re sorry this isn’t more obvious through the website!…]
So, how do I send money to Epic? Do I officially need a serious company, or can I use my bedroom as studio like many people do? :frowning:

  • Nvidia PhysX is ran on the CPU. Does this drammatically slow my game?
  • Does the game created in UE4 use more than a CPU core?
  • Can I use a cheap FX 9590 without overclocking and without problem with UE4? I’ve read about an user who uses FX 6300.

Thank you for your answers and for your time :slight_smile:

Not completely sure on the tax part but Nvidia PhysX is a demanding effect that requires a powerful Intel i5 or Intel i7 or a modern Nvidia GPU to run it off the GPU as a kind of GPGPU process. UE4 supports multithreading so more than 1 CPU core and the FX 9xxx series are strong CPUs.

Royalty’s only starts after the first $3000 per game per calendar quarter. If you make under that per game per quarter, no royalty is due.

If you make money using the engine, you have to pay 5% if you make over 3k per quarter. If you send money to Epic as individual or company, don’t really matter.

You are using UE4, focus on game, let Unreal devs to do the engine, you should not worry about cpu cores/nVidia/etc.