General question about lighting

hey guys, after playing a while with the LPV system of UE4 i’m wondering what people are using as a solution for creating RPG games with day and night cycle ?
Obviously the LPV system is a pure performance killer, after dropping just a few speedtree assets into my scene with the foliage tool, i noticed that the performance loss is extreme.
The quality is really ok in my opinion, using a skylight and a volume to control / set a cubemap for GI, gives a nice result but again the performance…

I mean, is there any solution to create this kind of games with UE4 right now? I’m really wondering how games like Fabel Legends and Dead Island 2 are handling they’re performance problems ?
UE4 has so many nice features, especially the blueprint system but jesus this stupid light maps are making my life really hard.

For performance there’s other things you should manage besides just the LPV, you might have to make sacrifices in other areas.
Or, your hardware isn’t a good standard to be testing performance. You might want to wait until the 4.8 release which will have an alternative with Distance Field GI

Darthviper is right. There are multiple factors that affect performance rather than just LPV.

At the moment LPV is still not in a production-ready state.

For smaller scenes I would recommend pre-computed lighting with lightmaps because you will get the most bang for the buck performance wise. If you’re wanting to do outdoor scenes then using a skylight and dynamic light are OK as well. The key is finding a balance in the number of shadow casting objects in the view along with using culling and LODs for your meshes.

By the way, Fable Legends uses Dynamic lighting with LPV. Lionhead Studios is who created the method that is available right now. There are plans to integrate some of their other changes in a future release of the engine.

I’m not sure what Dead Island 2 is using, but I bet Daedalus51 would have a lot more insight into their lighting methods. :wink:

Thanks for answers guys! About my hardware, with 32 GB of Ram, a Intel i7 Quad 3.4GHZ and a Geforce GTX 780ti it should be not that bad i guess :slight_smile:
I think i will stop my LPV testing and wait for the new Distance Field GI. Like i wrote before this whole lightmap thing isn’t working when i like to use a day and night cycle, especially in a larger world “buildingtime”.
And thats the frustrating point, the whole UE4 working pipeline and the tools are so amazing but the engine gives like no real possibilitys to handle RPG games like Far Cry, GTA, Dying light etc…

I would really like to know how Dead Island 2 / Deadaus51 have handeld the lighitng, performance problem for such a big world…

For an outdoor map you might test using just the directional light plus a skylight to add some illumination into the shadows. The engine also has distance field AO that can make things look a bit better also. Fable and Dead Island are both using LPV, but they’re outdoor situations, where it won’t need much detail since you just need to see some bounce light in the shadows–like with Dead Island 2 when you go indoors the lighting is very poor

Yeah the lighting looks really bad, i noticed that. But Dead Island 2 and also Fable Legends are using a lot of meshes in they’re scenes, especially fable legends.
I dropped like 10 speedtree trees into my scene and the FPS dropped from 120 to 50 FPS… Thats what made me think wow something is no right here with the performance…
Hopefully the Distance Field GI will bring some significant performance improvements. However it’s really sad that such a cool engine has no good working full dynamic lighting possibilitys.
VXGI is cool but still not usable from what i read…