General large scale solution to adding sound to physics

I began work on this plugin. Follow the development here.

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Abstract; Best modular smart practice to implement collision and rolling friction sounds for hundreds of various assets.*

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One quick google search revealed to me just how many times this question has been asked, yet after reading though about 20 posts on the matter I am left … lacking in knowledge at best, as most answers relate to tiny projects and pose great difficulty in scaling them up.

The general proposition is; “Add a blue print to the object that constantly updates its speed and plays a sound on raycasts.” Well okay… But so;

Question 1; What do I do when I want to have hundreds of miscellaneous physics objects of various materials and a large selection of static materials to collide against? What end-all-and-be-all solution is there for this? Do I make a separate blueprint actor for each physics prop and attach some-form of blueprint component to each one? What is the best way to store all the material types and the associated sound sets for each one, so that I can easily add more later in time?

Question 2; How do I go about in playing rolling friction sounds? I have seen lots of suggestions on collision sounds, but I want a separate sound when the object isn’t colliding, bur rolling over a surface?

Question 3; Why is this a thing :stuck_out_tongue: Srsly. Is there still no coded engine level support for sound?

Question 4; If no, has any one released a good solution to the market place? I would literally pay for this.

Question 5; If no, then I guess I will, with the knowledge acquired from this thread…And assuming there is at least one other person who feels as strongly about this as I do. x3

Yes, I’m also looking for a solution to this problem and I still haven’t found a satisfactory message

Hi, I am currently doing my final dissertation for sound for videogames. My dissertation is closely related to this topic. I am trying to make a new system in Unreal Engine that would effectively implement collision and rolling sound in physical collisions. I have been having success with the collision sounds, however the rolling part its the most difficult. Also, my system takes into consideration where in the object the collision happened (on the vertices, edges or faces of the object), emitting different sounds accordingly. I want to get in contact with you **MischievousM. **I have been to find your contact but it has been unsuccessful.

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Get in contact with me, please. Thank you

Hey Pitomenph! I am not sure how much help I can be right now. You’re catching me right as I’m finalizing my own system of collision sounds, trying to get it on the market place by the end of the month. I don’t know when your dissertation’s due, you can still write to me at and I’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible.