General insight into how best to zoom and rotate an Actor based on their size and pivot point

Hi all,

I have the standard ‘examine an object’ functionality in my game, like you get in every First Person game (i.e. pick up an object and rotate it to look around it all).

The main problem i have is that most of the object’s pivot points are at the base (but not all; this is to aid placement on surfaces etc) and their sizes range from very small (keys) to very big (boxes). This makes the rotation look terrible and some objects look really small and some clip into the screen.

I’ve had an idea of using the Actor’s BoundingBox to somehow calculate their screen size to adjust it’s scale when examining it and also the BoundingBox’s centre point at the rotation point. But I’ve not really gotten very far with the implementation.

How would you accomplish the above functionality? Am i going down the correct route of using BoundingBoxes? And if so, how do i then rotate an Actor based on this BoundingBox Centre point?

Any insights would be greatly received (plus any code snippets you may have to help progress my predicament)

Best regards in advance,