General game development advice/ consultation

I Have plans for a single player retro open world fps/ role-playing game. Think of dooms 2d sprites and 3d level design, set in a post apocalyptic backdrop with a retro ‘comic book’ aesthetic.

On the surface it’s nothing groundbreaking, but there is a market for this kind of product. As with all rpgs, it is a strong narrative that drives the players forward, and i hope to capitalize on this. Even while i realize this, i have not started the script, but instead have been brainstorming how i would go about setting the foundation for my vision, specifically the mechanics and development process.

Which leads me to you guys… I imagine the game i have envisioned to be relatively easy for a developers first time market launch, from a technical standpoint. I aim to launch on PC and Mobile devices initially. I could write the script, brainstorm the mechanical philosophy, level design, and head the art direction. While i outsource the 2d artist, 2d animator, sound design, and have a programmer piece all the assets together.

Here is a great example of the kind of format i am looking to build off of

What is your feedback for my plan, and where would i go about finding freelance lay men looking to build their portfolio with an official launch? And please go easy on me, i’m aware i probably come off as naive. But i am a well rounded and educated man who understands critical thinking and the development process (to say the least) from my time working in level design

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i suggest downloading premade packs and learning how other people made their projects. this will speed up your work very quickly instead of building things from scratch, once you have a great understanding of how skeletalmeshes,blueprints,unreal code and special effects/textures/materials/animations work then you can start creating your own designs from me on this one i have worked with udk and ue4 for a long time now.