General Editor / Engine Improvements, Fixes & Feature Requests.

I have been collecting a list of general editor / engine features, fixes and improvements I would like to share, and see what others think. I would not consider most of these very serious features, but would be very nice to see implemented. In no strict order of importance:

1. Fix blueprint function access modifiers.

This is one that I would consider serious, so its first. Currently functions access modifiers do nothing in blueprints. If a function is set to private, any other blueprint can still access and call the function. Because of this I currently add “Private” to the end of my function names that I do not want people calling. Very ugly way of doing.

2. Give the option to choose what folder to add marketplace content into.

This is another more serious issue for me. Some marketplace content is HUGE, and just gets dumped into the main content directory. This means that after importing content to a project I need to move it into a folder that I want which can take a very long time and has even resulted in editor crashes.

3. Add the ability to search the market place by highest rated and most rated content.

The marketplace is surprising outdated in terms of modern search features. Currently the rating system is almost useless, because you cannot search by rating or number or rating. Not only would this provide a much better experience for finding good content for users, it gives content creators a reason to provide the best content and service because they will be rewarded by it. More top ratings and easy to find top rating means more sales. It does not make sense that the commonly agreed on “best” content is 25 pages deep and difficult to find. Also saving items to a shop wishlist would be nice, stead of having to look for things again.

4. Allow multiple selected blueprint variables to be put into a category at once.

Currently you can only select one variable at a time to put into a category, this makes it very time consuming with a bunch of variables that are being put into the same category.

5. Allow data table row names to be gameplay tags.

This is one of the biggest reasons why I do not like using data tables and avoid them at all costs. Currently data tables can only have row names with manually typed names. The ability to use gameplay tags as the row names would be a huge improvement to data tables. (Another great option for datatables would be to have data table names as automatically incremented numbers.)

6. Allow components to not only have standard component name tags but also gameplay tags attached.

A big reason why I try avoid using component tags is because again… they have to be manually typed names. Would be awesome to add gameplay tags as another option to components.

7. Widgets do not allow panel variables to be put into categories.

When in the designer graph and adding panels to a widget you can mark them as a variable. Well these variables do not allow being put into categories in the graph view. There is the option to add them to a category like all other variables but they will always reset there category to default.

8. Allow drag and drop reorganizing of input bindings.

This is self explanatory, I would personally like to keep things organized by the type of input, and being able to move input binds would be nice instead of having to add them in the correct order and having to remove them all to re add them if a new input is added. Most of the time I wont even bother.

9. A dedicated data asset creator / editor for data curve tables.

Currently we need to create these tables in spreadsheet software and import them, would be nice to be able to create and populate them right in the engine.

10. Expose character movement half height as a setter in blueprints.

This seems like a serious overlook, not sure why the getter would be exposed but not the setter.

11. New project startup plugins are annoying.

It is very annoying to have to edit new project plugins and restart everytime I create a project. The big culprits to me are the VR plugins, if I forget to disable them I have to wait for oculus to start up, the screen goes black while that happens, then wait for it to shut down, go into the settings, disable VR plugins, and restart the editor. Please provide a way to save default editor settings or at least give us the option to select which plugins we want to enable at the start of a new project.

12. Fix the widget brush material drop down menu bug.

When trying to apply a brush image inside a widget, clicking the drop down does not work properly, it quickly shows the drop down menu then disappears and causes a popup menu selection to appear. The work around is to click and hold the drop down menu and move your cursor down into the menu before releasing, this causes the menu to behave like expected.

13. Provide a way to save default editor and project settings.

This is similar to issue 11. Currently every time I create a project, I need to open an external document with a long list of settings that I like to have as my project and editor defaults, then manually change them all. It would be nice to save defaults for the editor and projects, (like most programs) or at least allow exporting all the settings to a file with the ability to import that file to automaticlly change to all settings in the file (but honestly at that point, why not just have a save settings button).

I will continue to add to this list if I experience any other issues, please let me know what you think, and if you have experienced any of these issues please vote on the poll, I am curious to see if anybody else has wanted any of these improvements, any feedback would be great.

Thanks for reading!
~Steve SybrSyn