GEditor->OnBeginObjectMovement() only fires on Actors


It seems the GEditor->OnBeginObjectMovement() does not fire for Components.
(Specifically when moving components in the editor viewport)

However the GEditor->OnEndObjectMovement() does work fine for them. Would be great if that would get fixed!

It also seems that it only gets called on actors. Even though a SceneComponent was moved. Which is really not in line with the intended use of the delegate.


Hello JannesNagel,

How are you going about using this function? What are you having it call? What kind of class are you overriding it in?

In trying to see what you’re seeing, I did the most simple thing I could think of which was to just place a log message in the function itself, but that’s not being called at all, whether I’m moving an actor or a component.

I’d be interested to see what kind of set up you’re using.

Hi Matthew!

These two functions are supposed to fire when you edit objects in the editor - not in a running game.
These functions should fire when you drag objects around using the transform gizmo in the editor viewport.

Just do something like this when starting up the editor:

GEditor->OnEndObjectMovement().AddLambda([](UObject& Obj) {UE_LOG(LogTemp,Log,TEXT("EndMovement %s"),*Obj.GetPathName());});
	GEditor->OnBeginObjectMovement().AddLambda([](UObject& Obj) {UE_LOG(LogTemp,Log,TEXT("StartMovement %s"),*Obj.GetPathName());});

I am using a very similar setup in my own editor plugin.

I added an example project as a file that highlights the issue. Just drag actors and components around in the editor.
UE4.13.2 Example

Thank you for that information. Using the plugin you provided, I see the issue you’re reporting. I’ve placed a bug report in for the issue which you can find here: UE-38646. You can track the report’s status as the issue is reviewed by our development staff. Please be aware that this issue may not be prioritized or fixed soon.

Have a nice day!

I fixed it already in my own engine build. If I find the time I made create a pull request for 4.14 that resolves the issue.

Edit: Never mind, I see the issue was already resolved.