GearVR performance issue on S7 Snapdragon but no Exynos.


We are failing the GearVR store submission requirements for our game (Marble Land), because of performance on the S7 Edge with the Snapdragon chipset.
This only happens on this particular phone. The S7 with Exynos chipset doesn’t exhibit this issue, and even older phones like the S6 don’t have any problems with performance.

Unfortunately, we are unable to test this, since we only have the European version of S7 which comes with the Exynos processor.

We are using Unreal Engine 4.17.2

Does anybody have any idea what might be causing this ?

Oculus was unable to provide us with logs or any other means of debugging this issue, so at this point we are pretty much stuck.

If anybody with an S7 with Snapdragon chipset would be kind enough to help us test this out (and get a free copy of Marble Land for GearVR in the process ), we would be extremely grateful.