[GearVR] Lollipop update performance hit

So today my phone forced it’s lollipop update and now I’m experiencing a noticeable performance hit. Previously I noticed fps loss when looking at my entire level as it currently has no “view distance” but after todays update it’s getting it so bad that I can see the timewarp tearing all over the screen. Has anyone else experienced this issue and have any advice? I’ve tried the "wipe the cache partition” from the list of options but I’m not seeing any kind of performance increase.

EDIT: I’ve read JJ Hoesing’s post on the 2x MSAA possiblity having issues with Lollipop however I still have not implemented this patch yet which significantly worries me.

EDIT2: I’ve optimized and now appear to be at the same performance as previously however I feel this update has gimped my maximum potential player count which makes me feel very sad.